Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed Analysis

The Wisdom Panel test is the most comprehensive DNA-based mixed breed test available for dogs. It identifies more than 225+ AKC recognized breeds that may be present in mixed breeds. A quick blood draw and you will soon know the results of what type of breeds (and how much) are in your pet.  This labwork is sent off to the Wisdom Panel laboratory and we get results in about 2 weeks; your doctor will call you when these arrive.  

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This is our patient Leopold who turned out to be 1/4 Pomeranian and 1/8 Chow Chow! 
His owner now claims that the spot near his nose is the 11% Dalmatian detected in him.

What Does the Wisdom Panel Results Include?

  • Ancestry of your dog by breed

  • Breed profile page describing each of the breeds detected

  • A frameable certificate showing the determined ancestry

  • Information page with key contact information

Wisdom Panel F.A.Q. is available here »