Our wellness packages are designed to help make sure that your adult or senior pet stays healthy by offering convenient, thorough, comprehensive care.  

The goal of our pet wellness program is to prevent or minimize disease, improve your pet's quality of life, and help your pet enjoy a healthy life as long as possible. Our packages make it easy for your pet to receive all their wellness care for the entire year!

Your pet's yearly wellness care could cost over $600, but with our wellness plan, we're applying a 20% discount off of this total. Over a 12 month period, you'll pay $45/month for feline pets and $47/month for canine pets. The enrollment fee to get your pet started and payments arranged is $25.

What is Included in Our Wellness Package?

  • Two Wellness Exams
  • Annual Wellness Blood Panel, including heartworm test for dogs and urinalysis for cats
  • Intestinal Parasite Screening
  • All recommended core vaccinations for the year
  • Two Blood Pressure Checks with Exams
  • Heartworm, flea, tick, and intestinal parasite preventative

In addition to these savings, you will also receive the following services for the duration of your plan:

  • 25% off any other exam (sick animal or emergency)
  • 10% discount off all other services and products (except food)
  • Two complimentary nail trims and/or anal gland expressions

To get started:

If you're interested in our Wellness & Preventative Care Plans, you can sign up by downloading and completing the appropriate Patient Forms.

Please feel welcome to contact us with any questions!