Wellness & Preventative Care

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Our Wellness Plans

We know how important good health is for people and their pets.  The goal of our pet wellness program is to prevent or minimize disease, improve your pet's quality of life, and help your pet enjoy a healthy life as long as possible.

Our wellness packages are designed to help make sure that your adult or senior pet stays healthy by offering convenient, thorough, comprehensive care.  Our packages make it easy for your pet to receive all their wellness care for the entire year!


Vaccination protocols are customized based on your pet's lifestyle.  Your pet will receive all recommended vaccinations which offer protection from serious contagious diseases.  (Lyme vaccine and other non-core vaccines will be administered, if warranted, at additional cost.)

Parasite Testing

Our Wellness package includes an annual intestinal parasites screening for both cats and dogs.  Dogs will also receive a heartworm test (included in wellness blood work).  Some intestinal parasites are contagious to humans and other animals, so the Center for Disease Control and the Companion Animal Parasites Council recommend regular intestinal parasite screenings.  For further information, please visit: www.petsandparasites.org/.

Wellness Blood Work

Our Wellness Package includes an annual blood panel to screen blood and organ health.  The panel provides early detection of infection, anemia, clotting problems, and changes in organ function.  Wellness blood work can help our doctors prevent your pet from becoming ill or hospitalized, and may prevent permanent damage from occurring.  Treating problems early can help ensure a better outcome and lower medical costs.  

Wellness Examinations

Our Wellness Package includes two semi-annual comprehensive examinations.  Regular exams allow your veterinarian to detect, treat, and prevent concerns before they become serious.  These visits are also a great opportunity for you to ask about pet behavior, nutrition, flea and tick control, and other issues on a regular basis. 

Budgetary Benefits & Cost

It is challenging to budget for pet care.  Your pet's yearly wellness care could cost over $600, but with our wellness plan, we're applying a 20% discount off of this total, which divided up comes to $45  a month for cats and $47 a month for dogs over a 12 month period. These payments are set up as monthly automatic drafts for your convenience. Whether you have a dog or a cat, for a low price per month, you will have your pet signed-on for routine wellness and preventative care.  The enrollment fee to get your pet started and payments arranged is $25. 

What is Included in Our Wellness Package?

  • Two Wellness Exams
  • Annual Wellness Blood Panel, including heartworm test for dogs and urinalysis for cats
  • Intestinal Parasite Screening
  • All recommended core vaccinations for the year
  • Two Blood Pressure Checks with Exams
  • Heartworm, flea, tick, and intestinal parasite preventative

There's More!

In addition to these savings, you will also receive the following services for the duration of your plan:

  • 25% off any other exam (sick animal or emergency)
  • 10% discount off all other services and products (except food)
  • Two complimentary nail trims and/or anal gland expressions

*Download and complete the Wellness & Preventative Care Plan Contract  to get started*

Importance of Annual Wellness Exams

Annual wellness exams are an important aspect of maintaining your pet's health. The keen eye and skillful touch of a veterinarian can spot signs of illness before your pet even starts to show symptoms of disease. Since our pets are masters at disguising symptoms of disease, these visits are even more vital. On average, pets age seven times faster than people, so health problems can progress quickly.  The risk for cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, heart disease, metabolic problems, and other serious conditions all increase with age.  There is no doubt if a disease is caught and treated early, your pet has a much larger chance of living a healthy life for longer. Vaccinations are also performed during these special visits. During an annual wellness exam, our doctors assess the condition of the following body systems:

  • General overall appearance: Veterinarians are trained to know when something seems "off" about a pet. Since pets instinctively hide sign of illness, veterinarians become very quickly skilled at being able to identify that there is a problem by looking at his or her general appearance. Also, it is a great help when your pet is sick for your veterinarian know exactly what he or she looks like when they are feeling well. All wellness exams include a free blood pressure.
  • Heart and lungs: Finding and knowing about underlying heart and lung problems may very well save your pet's life the next time they undergo surgery.
  • Skin and hair coat: Your veterinarian will assess the condition of your pet's skin, which is the largest organ of the body. He or she will be looking for tumors, skin infections, fleas, and ticks. If your pet has fleas and/or ticks, we carry several different flea and tick preventatives to help keep your pet safe from these blood feeding parasites.
  • Musculoskeletal: If your pet seems to be painful in any joints or has muscle atrophy due to age or illness, your veterinarian will find it during this portion of the exam.
  • Gastrointestinal: Your veterinarian will feel and listen to your pet's GI system to find any dietary indiscretions, obstructions, tumors and the like.
  • Eyes and ears: Many ear infections and disease of the eyes go undetected until a wellness exam. Some of the problems your veterinarian can discover are yeast and or bacterial infections of the ears, glaucoma, eye ulcers, infection, etc.
  • Nervous system: Your veterinarian will assess your pet's nervous system and may spot a neurological issue before it becomes life-threatening.
  • Lymphatic system: If your pet's lymph nodes are swollen, this can be a sign of internal infection.
  • Dental: Unbeknownst to many pet owners, a very large percentage of the pet population has dental disease. Catching and treating this early can save your pet much discomfort and possibly lengthen his or her lifespan. Your veterinarian will also assess the color of your pet's gums to tell how well oxygenated his or her blood is.
  • Reproductive system: Even if your pet has been spayed or neutered, problems can still arise in the reproductive system. Mammary or prostate tumors or other problems can be detected during this portion of the exam.
  • Vaccinations: Certain vaccinations are critical to your pet's health, especially in this area of the country. Having your pets vaccinated against disease may save their lives. Ask your veterinarian which vaccines are appropriate for your pet's lifestyle.