Introduction to Our Vet Services

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Pet Physical Rehabilitation at CSAH Asheville

At Charlotte Street Animal Hospital in Asheville, NC, we offer a wide range of educational, veterinary, and wellness services for small animals and exotic pets. We've been helping pets & people since 1998 and our experienced veterinarians posses advanced skills and training in everything from pet chiropractic healing to the care of rare exotic pets.

Our Animal Hospital Promotes Pet Wellness Care  for  Cats, Dogs, Exotic Pets, Pocket Pets  and Small Mammal Pets

Wellness care starts at birth and keeps pets healthy into old age. At Charlotte Street Animal Hospital, we offer immunizations, internal parasite testing, and heartworm and flea control programs. Pet wellness also includes nutritional counseling and age appropriate wellness diagnostic testing. Our Senior Pet Wellness Program incorporates pet chiropractic treatments to help with hereditary problems like hip dysplasia. We offer alternative medical treatments like pet chiropractic healing, pet stem cell therapy   and  pet acupuncture to help manage chronic pet pain and illnesses that do not respond to traditional veterinary care.

Our hospital also offers pet pain management and pet physical rehabilitation after surgery and for chronic conditions. We strive to reduce or eliminate post-surgery or condition-related pain by using a variety of traditional and alternative methods. We also have an on-site pharmacy that can be accessed online for convenience. In addition to pet physical rehabilitation, we are trained to offer alternative care treatments, such as pet chiropractic and pet acupuncture services, to relieve pain and increase mobility. We also offer other types of homeopathic and Chinese medicinal treatments in our hospital.

Our Asheville clinic offers advanced veterinary surgery on-site for preventative and restorative procedures. Spaying and neutering is the most common surgery for cats and dogs but we also perform veterinary surgery for a variety of other purposes, including cardiac issues, mass removal and orthopedic problems. Additionally, our veterinarians are trained in Ophthalmology, Neurology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Oncology and Endocrinology. Our veterinarians also utilize ultrasounds, endoscopies and digital x-rays to diagnose and treat your pet in an efficient and timely manner.

Our clinic also offers complete pet dentistry. We use safe ultrasonic pet dentistry cleaning tools and polish pet teeth to help prevent plaque build-up. Our Asheville veterinarians may use a modern dental digital x-ray machine to see if tooth extractions or root canals are necessary. The machine also makes it possible to measure dental bone loss over time.

Microchipping is available at the clinic using Home Again microchips. In addition to microchipping, we offer breed analysis for dog owners. Mixed breed dog owners can learn more about their pet using Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed Analysis. With a very quick blood test you will know the breeds and percentages in your dog’s DNA. DNA testing can be very helpful for dealing with breed-specific behavioral and medical issues. Other services offered at our clinic on an ongoing basis include pet massage classes and behavioral instruction.

Emergency vet services are available anytime our animal hospital is open. In the case of an accident, our Asheville veterinarians and trained staff will administer emergency vet care. Our emergency services include a mobile resuscitation unit and blood transfusions that can be used for critical care. Healthy local pets donate all of the transfused blood and it is carefully screened for diseases. We are also affiliated with an emergency center that is able to administer emergency vet procedures whenever our clinic is closed.

In addition to veterinary care, we offer cat boarding at our facility. Our animal hospital staff understands that cats are unique creatures, and therefore, we have designed a cat boarding facility with a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

If you have questions about our services or would like to find out if we provide a specific service, please call us at 828-232-0440.