Our Kennel

The kennel staff at Charlotte Street Animal Hospital is honored to care for your pet. When your furry family member is hospitalized or boarding, the kennel staff ensures a nice place to stay as well as lots of loving attention. We include plenty of fresh, clean blankets for each animal, and large, thick foam pads provide comfortable support for our older or achy patients. Our dedicated cat room offers large, two-room condos for long-term stays. Feliway pheromone diffusers create a calming environment for our feline lodgers. A stereo plays relaxing music or nature sounds. Besides providing food and water, the kennel staff help apprise medical personnel of any indications that a patient needs additional attention. Dogs are walked at least every three hours for elimination, exercise, and additional interaction. The cat room is visited often and litter boxes changed out frequently. Our caring and diligent kennel staff support our medical staff in providing comfort and attention to the animals staying with us, so that your pet receives the best care possible.

Kennel Staff


Duncan grew up surrounded by animals of all kinds. In addition to cats and dogs, his family pets have included fish, gerbils, ferrets, horses, chickens, and even a Canadian goose. Having moved from the Caribbean to North Carolina at the age of 12, he appreciates a diverse variety of outdoor settings and wildlife. In his free time, Duncan enjoys swimming, hiking, video games, playing the piano, and bonding with his two cats Anna and Elsa. Duncan spent many years pursuing a career in chemistry (another passion of his), but has now decided to refocus his goals on his native passion for animal care.