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Charlotte Street Animal Hospital in Asheville

Charlotte Street Animal Hospital in Asheville is a full service veterinary clinic that will meet all of your pet veterinary needs, even pet chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation. Our veterinarians provide you and your pet with professionally designed pet wellness programs that include vaccinations, parasite prevention, and behavior training. In addition to preventative wellness care, we also provide medical treatment for pets that have suffered an illness or injury. Our animal hospital welcomes exotic animals, "pocket pets" such as rabbits and ferrets, and of course dogs and cats  (we are a Cat Friendly  Practice!)  Charlotte Street Animal Hospital is proud to have been named a   "Neighborhood Favorite Veterinarian" in Asheville  on Nextdoor.com.

Our veterinary clinic is dedicated to the care and wellness of pets in Asheville and the surrounding areas.

The goal of our veterinarians and experienced support staff is to provide you and your pets with quality services in an environment that is both professional and compassionate. We strive to promote responsible pet ownership through education classes for pet owners and preventative health care for pets. The well being and quality of life of all pets is foremost in our minds at all times.

Asheville veterinarians at Charlotte Street Animal Hospital

Bringing home a puppy is a wonderful experience for a family and we hope to be partners in the care of your pet. We offer puppy classes and behavior consults as well as classes for new puppy owners. These educational opportunities will provide you with resources to learn about your new pet and the tools to live a healthy and happy life together.

Charlotte Street Animal Hospital offers many preventative and rehabilitative veterinary services and resources for Asheville pet owners. Our veterinarians and staff utilize technology such as ultrasound and digital x-rays to help diagnose and treat a variety of diseases and injuries. We also perform pet dentistry in our clinic. These services include routine cleanings, root canals and extractions. Pet dental health is a main contributor to your pet's overall health and should be maintained regularly.

Our veterinary staff is prepared to offer emergency vet services, including veterinary surgery, any time that our hospital is open. Unexpected occurrences such as a dog getting hit by a car, a cat falling out of a tree, or a pet ingesting something poisonous should be treated with emergency vet care immediately. If you have an emergency pet issue, please call us right away for instructions.

In addition to offering medical care, we also offer holistic methods of treatment for injuries and illnesses. We know that not all conditions respond to traditional veterinary care and offer alternative care to treat a variety of illnesses. We are committed to finding natural and non-invasive way to treat all of your pet's needs. We provide pet chiropractic care and pet acupuncture to treat a variety of ailments and problems that are not responding to traditional medical care. Pet chiropractic care follows the same non-invasive and natural methods of chiropractic care for humans. Please ask our veterinarians or staff if chiropractic care or acupuncture may be the best option for your pet.

Our Asheville veterinarians are dedicated to providing a high level of experienced and compassionate care to your pets. Our services run the gamut and include preventative care, emergency vet care, pet chiropractic, and pet acupuncture. Additionally, we offer cat boarding, veterinary surgery, and pet dentistry to pets in the Asheville area. We believe that educating pet owners in preventative care and animal behavior will enrich the lives of animals and the people who love them.

Call us at 828-232-0440 to schedule an appointment at Charlotte Street Animal Hospital in  Asheville.