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Since 1998, Charlotte Street Animal Hospital has provided comprehensive veterinary care and emergency care to the Asheville community and beyond. We would be honored to be a partner in your pet's healthcare team.

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Our mission is to provide high quality veterinary service to the pets in our community, in a professional and compassionate environment.

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As an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited facility, Charlotte Street Animal Hospital regularly undergoes evaluations to ensure that we meet or exceed AAHA's standards of care.

These standards cover nearly every aspect of our hospital, including surgery, exam facilities, patient care, cleanliness, client service, emergency services, diagnostic imaging, and anesthesiology. Only 15% of animal hospitals in the United States and Canada are accredited by AAHA, which is recognized worldwide as the benchmark for quality care in veterinary medicine. Charlotte Street Animal Hospital is proud to be 1 of only 4 AAHA-accredited general practice veterinary hospitals in Asheville.

“My dog has never liked going to the vet, but she does now! The entire staff caters 100% to my dog! I have never seen anything like it before in my life! They sent me pictures of her, and even let me visit her in the back. Previous vets I have been to would never allow that! You guys are truly amazing at what you do! I could never imagine going anywhere else for veterinary care!”


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